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Over the past 38 years, the Jamson Labs/Power Kleen family has grown from one salesman with one product and one customer in 1973 to more than 75,000 square feet of corporate facilities, distribution points nationwide, and a family of more than 50 employees and 30 salesmen. Although our family, our facilities, and our role in numerous industries have grown, our mission today remains the same as the day our President and founder, John P. Sanders, sold his first chemical. His mission--to provide quality chemicals with professional service--became more than our company's mission. It is the foundation of the Jamson Labs/Power Kleen family's business philosophy. This brief mission statement embodies our company's ethics, our pledge to our customers, our commitment to maintaining the highest of industry standards, and our continued dedication to research, development, innovation, and technological progress in our industry. 

As the leader in Research & Development and the largest, privately held chemical manufacturing company in the Industrial Chemical Industry, the Jamson Labs/Power Kleen family proudly supplies to and services dozens of industries today. Those industries include:

Ready Mix Concrete Industry

Construction Industry

Pressure Washing/Pressure Cleaning Industry

Industrial Cleaning/Industrial Chemical Industry

Waste/Sanitation Industry

Waste Water/Reclaim Industry

Trucking Industry

Agricultural Industry

Food Service Industry

Janitorial Industry

Automotive Industry

Asphalt Industry                             

The foundation for Jamson Labs'/Power Kleen's successful expansion into a wide range of industries is our commitment to adapt to and fulfill our customers' needs. In the words of Jamson Labs/Power Kleen President, John P. Sanders, the one salesman with one product in 1973, "The first rule is not to sell but to genuinely listen to what the customer needs then fill that need. There is nothing gained, there is no honor, in selling ice to an Eskimo. That's not good business."  Whether it be the creation of a new product, a private label, a service, training, or a rush delivery, our sales and service teams continually strive to provide our customers with what they need, no matter how specialized or industry-specific those needs may be.

Company History

In 1973, John P. Sanders founded what was to become Jamson Laboratories after the chemical company he was working for closed its doors.  When the company's former clientele contacted John to ask if he could help complete projects his previous company had not finished, John's loyalty to his former customers compelled him to help complete the projects (gratis). Soon thereafter, these companies asked John if he had any interest in remaining in the industry and becoming their chemical supplier. It was at this time that John began distributing chemicals. Over the next few years, John built a small client base and his distributorship grew into the custom blending of chemicals to fit his customers' needs.

In 1975, John formulated his first all-purpose cleaning chemical, Magic, which his young children named for its ability to magically remove the ketchup John had doused his wife's blouse with in their kitchen sink. Although the blouse-dousing was met with much resistance at first, shortly thereafter, his wife, Joyce, became the company's first receptionist and bookkeeper for Jamson Laboratories, which they incorporated in 1979 in the state of Florida.

By 1979, John was single-handedly blending and formulating more than a dozen degreasers and industrial cleaners while expanding his customer base throughout the state of Florida. John's study of Chemistry at Hamilton University, New York, and Harvard University, Boston, provided John with the knowledge to expand his business as a growing distributor to a manufacturer of quality cleaning chemicals, and in 1980 John built a modest 4,000 square foot facility, which included offices, a warehouse, and a full laboratory in Oldsmar, Florida, where their corporate headquarters remains today. Once John had a fully equipped  lab at his daily disposal, he began formulating products for a variety of industries, and his workforce grew from a literal Mom and Pop consisting of Joyce and John, to six employees. They also expanded into the Pressure Washing Sales and Service Industry this same year.

By 1984, Jamson Laboratories had expanded its facility by adding 4,000 square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space to accommodate the growing needs of the company, as well as the customers' growing demands for Jamson products. The next two years marks a time of great expansion for the newly incorporated Jamson Labs: the acquisition of Trichem Industries (1983), Patton Parts Washers (1984), E-Z Parts Washers (1984), and Richette Corporation/Al-Be Chemicals (1985).

Yet, it was in 1986 that Jamson Laboratories made its first major acquisition––Power Kleen Corporation––which solidified Jamson Labs' place in the Industrial Chemical and Pressure Washing Industries in Florida. In this same year, Jamson Labs/Power Kleen Corp entered the Ready Mix Concrete Industry with John's formulation of Right Off, a specially designed ready mix truck wash and concrete remover, which cemented his place as an innovator in the Ready Mix Industry.

By 1988, the demands of the business led to the addition of another 4,000 square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space at the corporate center, and in this year Power Kleen Corporation made its first acquisition––Specialty Chemical & Equipment Corporation––which marks the first of many strong additions to the newly merged Jamson/Power Kleen family. From 1988 to 1993, Jamson Labs/Power Kleen continued to strengthen their foothold on the Florida market with the acquisitions of Tampa Bay Chemical (1990), MAC Distributors (1992), and Johnson & Johnson Supply (1993).

Yet it was the 1993 acquisition of Bell Chemical that launched Jamson Labs/Power Kleen from a leader in the Florida market to a national competitor in the wholesale market with nation-wide distributors and a growing national customer base. As a reputable wholesaler in the Florida market and due to Jamson Labs'/Power Kleen's recent expansion into a variety of industries, by 1993 Jamson Labs/Power Kleen was well on their way to becoming a leader in the Industrial Chemical Industry nationally. The specially formulated products and services John Sanders and his growing team of sales and service associates, now 30 years strong, was becoming well-known throughout the U.S. in the Construction, Trucking, Pressure Washing, Sanitation, Janitorial, Food Service, Automotive, and Waste Water & Reclaim Industries for their quality products and exceptional customer care.

In the past seventeen years, the Jamson Labs/Power Kleen family has continued to expand their facilities and currently utilizes over 25,000 square feet of space on a daily basis at their corporate center in Oldsmar, Florida. They have continued their acquisitions and have purchased nineteen more companies in that time: D & J Enterprises (1990), Halt Products (1995), Dealer's Choice (1995), National Distributors (1995), Tim McMillan & Company (1996), Southwest Marine (1998), Dave Chemical (1999), Chem-Shoppe (2000), Typhoon Industries, Inc./Hotsy of Tampa (2000), Jansen Brush (2000), Better Brush (2002), Jem-Co (2003), Sanitary Chemical (2003), Pressure Solutions (2005), Chem-Star (2006), Florida Water Blast (2007), Eastern Chemical Products (2010), KNT Enterprises (2010), Environmental Cleaning Technology, Inc. (2011), Central Florida Chemical (2011), Early Janitorial Supply (2013), Brite 'N Rite (2013), J.R. Enterprises (2014) and Bill Brown, Inc. (2014). Jamson Labs/Power Kleen proudly added many of these highly experienced and knowledgeable company owners and sales associates to our family of sales and service teams in Florida and across the U.S.

Aside from the growth of the Jamson Labs/Power Kleen family and facilities, the company's continued dedication to research, development, innovation, and technological progress in the Industrial Chemical Industry is evident in the number of differing formulated products (which has reached the 1,000 product landmark) they provide to their customers today. Their innovation in Green and Eco-Friendly products since 2005, as well as their exceptionally trained fleet drivers, national sales force, and in-house customer service associates continue to set them apart from companies in the Industrial Chemical Industry today.

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