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Over the past fifteen years, Jamson Labs/Power Kleen has become the leader in chemical manufacturing for the Ready Mix Concrete Industry. Not only have we have introduced several new technologies and products to the Ready Mix Industry, we continually strive to maintain the highest standards for other companies to follow.

In the last few years alone, Jamson Labs/Power Kleen has purchased several related businesses, which has allowed us to greatly diversify our Ready Mix product line. These acquisitions benefit our customers due to the ability for them to “one stop shop” with us for their chemical needs, saving them both time and money. Further, our customers benefit from our rapid growth in distribution outside the state of Florida in recent years, which has prompted new distribution points across the nation. These facilities continue to be an asset to the industry and ensure Jamson Labs/Power Kleen’s commitment to their customers.

As a result of our growth in the Ready Mix Industry, as well as our experience with this industry's leaders, we have the financial strength, knowledge, personnel, and operations to provide even the largest concrete producers with the highest quality chemicals and professional service.

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Clean Up - Mortar, Rust, Oxide & Efflorescence Dissolver
Compliant - Acid Replacement Technology
Drum Haze Remover -
Drum Saver - Anti-Chip Solution
Kleen Release - Concrete Form Release
Novoc A-CL - Acid Replacement Technology
Overnight - Daily Concrete Dissolver
Right Off - Concrete Truck Wash
Right Off with Compliant - Concrete Truck Wash
Sandstorm - Heavy-Duty Concrete Dissolver
Tornado - Acid Replacement Technology