Plexiglass Cleaner - Safe & Effective Surface Cleaner

Product ID: 1408 JL

Plexiglass Cleaner is a non-flammable, biodegradable professional-grade formulation that cleans and polishes all surfaces. It is a safe, fast-acting plexiglass and glass cleaner that leaves no stains. With excellent penetrating action, it can be applied to the finest glass and plexiglass without scratching soft plastics. It is harmless to rubber, paint, metal, or hands.

Available In: 1 Gal. Jug, 5 Gal. Bucket, 55 Gal. Drum, 275 Gal. Tote, 300 Gal. Leg Tank or delivered via Tanker Truck

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Plexiglass Cleaner 1408 JL
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