Power Fac 140 - Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser

Product ID: 0140 PK


• Superior cleaning in hot or cold water
• Chemical break-through
• Exclusive formulation
&bullNo brushing necessary
• Dynamic removal of: grease, grime, road films, bonded soils
• POWER FAC 140 is specifically developed for use with steam cleaners and hot or cold pressure washing systems. Formulated for heavy duty industrial applications where a safer more powerful solvent is required. Non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-corrosive to metals.
• Delivers fast detergent penetration for speedy cleaning through power spray or steam cleaning devices.
• Many times more effective than typical cleaning compounds, even more so in hard water.
• Safe: Recommended for cleaning all metals including aluminum. Generally safe on sound industrial paint in recommended dilutions. Rinses easily.
• Versatile: Removes difficult to clean petroleum base and edible oil grime. Rapidly dissolves carbohydrate and protein soils. Use with steam, power spray, or manual swabbing. Clean equipment, floors, walls or any hard to clean surface.
• Overcomes hard water: For maximum detergency. Prohibits scale formation in steam cleaner coils.
• Economical: Every ounce bursting with cleaning power. No fillers or inert ingredients. Unique formulation saves on material, but the real economy is getting the job done properly and fast.

Available In: 1 Gal. Jug, 5 Gal. Bucket, 55 Gal. Drum, 275 Gal. Tote, 300 Gal. Leg Tank or delivered via Tanker Truck

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Power Fac 140 0140 PK
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