PowerKool Enviro - Enviro Waterless Coolant

Product ID: 8860705 JL

Enviro PowerKool Waterless Engine Coolant is suitable for all water cooled engines. Normal-Duty Passenger Vans and Cars, Heavy-Duty Trucks, Water-Cooled Motorcycles, racing and Stationary Engines, and Marine, Aviation and Generator applications. To ge the maximum benefit from Enviro PowerKool Waterless Engine coolant with a Low -40C freezng point and the 192C Boining point it is essentioal that the cooling systemis free of all water. Use PowerKool Line Flush to purge the cooling system before installing any PowerKool Waterless Engine Coolant. Provides maximum resistance to cylinder liner cavitation erosion (ASTM D7583) Prevents water-caused corrosion (this is a waterless system) Prevents cavitation and electrolysis No change out required (PowerKool lasts for the life of your engine) FOR FURTHER INFORMATION VISIT WWW.POWERKOOLCOOLANTS.COM

Available In: 1 Gal. Jug, 5 Gal. Bucket or 55 Gal. Drum,

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PowerKool Enviro 8860705 JL
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