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Jamson Labs/Power Kleen has developed a zero discharge, closed loop system for successfully recycling wash water in which suspended particulate matter, oil, and other types of contaminates are present. This type of wash water cannot be discharged onto the ground, into a septic system, or into storm water drains. Today, Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies are strictly enforcing the Clean Water Act of 1977 and the NPDES Storm Water Regulations. To comply with these regulations, any object being cleaned that has contaminates (oil, grease, dirt, etc.) on its surface must be done so without the wash water entering the environment.

To meet these requirements, Jamson Labs/Power Kleen has designed a system that will effectively remove contaminates from waste water and return acceptable filtered water for reuse into your washing area. This closed loop system is fully compliant with waste water regulations and can be designed to meet your company's requirements.

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